Saturday, June 2, 2012


          Here are things that have
no Latin names
          or none
          that men would know.

The last lines of "Self Portrait as a Meadow" tumbled around the internet after the Poetry Foundation posted the poem online.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Eileen Tabios reviews AS IF IT FELL FROM THE SUN

Click here to read Eileen Tabios' nice review of the new Etherdome anthology, 

Eve Beglarian performs "Wet Psalm"

Tonight (Friday, June 1), Eve Beglarian will be performing music from her River Project at Roulette in Tribeca. 

The program includes her amazing new music for my poem, "Wet Psalm," an erasure from a page of a bible I found in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans two years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed that neighborhood. 

I am dedicating this poem and its "beaucoup rage" to Kimberly Rivers Roberts (AKA Black Kold Madina), a great witness and an artist. Watch "Trouble the Water," the best film about Katrina, and check out her video, "Amazing."

This is what the text looks like on the page:

This is the second time Eve has set my work to music. Our first collaboration, "Landscaping for Privacy," is available on iTunes and on Eve's CD, "Tell the Birds" (at ("Landscaping for Privacy" is the title of one of the poems and also one of the four sections in my book, THE PUBLIC GARDENS: POEMS AND HISTORY.)

You can learn more about Eve, her music, and her River Project in this New York Times piece about her journey down the Mississippi. And check out her River Project.