Monday, November 13, 2017

I think I just finished writing [a new draft of] DARK WHITE, a book I've been working on for a long time (and the third in a trilogy that began with The Public Gardens: Poems and History). I made a play list for the project. You can find the music here.

The subtitle for this book could be Grá agus Bás, the title of an amazing piece of music I heard at National Sawdust in Brooklyn last week. While I was in New York, the Times published Dan Barry's piece about the lost children of Tuam. That story first broke in 2014 as I was preparing for a trip to Ireland to install a show of my collages (also called "Dark White") at the Dock Arts Centre in Carrick-on-Shannon. On that trip I went to Kerry to continue my research about "illegitimacy" and lost Irish women, including my grandmother and her mother.

Perhaps the best title for my book would be: DARK WHITE: Mná, Grá agus Bás.
Adam notices that Eve is holding something close as they leave the garden. He asks her what she carries so carefully. She replies that it is a little of the apple core that she's keeping for their children. 

                     From the autobiography of William Butler Yeats