Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kenyon Review interview with Andrew King

My Singing Teachers; and John Brown's Body

Susan Hiller's "Monument" (1980-81) *

Very interesting to talk with Andrew King at Kenyon Review about THE PUBLIC GARDENS, poetry, history, time, suffering, Robert Moses, pillars of roses, Robert Lowell, John Brown's body, the Old Testament, my grandmothers, my daughter, and the best thing Mark Twain never said.

Gertrude Jekyll's gardens

"Years ago I read about a pillar of roses in an English garden, 
and so I own it, I have the deed by heart."

* The plaques in Susan Hiller piece, "Monument," are copies of originals in the 
a modest and moving tribute in a public garden in London. 
Please go to the link to read more about these individuals 
"who might otherwise be forgotten," but who continue to live "in representation."